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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @Sam3  Pleased to meet you.  Welcome to the forums if you're new.  Good luck with the job applications.  

Hey @Zoe7  hope you're enjoying some rest time by now.  Sounds like you had a huge day.

Hi @TAB and @Hamsolo01.

@Shaz51  hope you've had a peaceful day and that hubby's pain has diminished when he wakes up.

Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @eth Cat Happy survival mode here today so o hot

Re: Am Not Coping

Not quite as much as I hoped to get done but getting there @eth Will finish the framing tomorrow and start measuring up the cement sheeting to cut down. I'll work it around watching the tennis tomorrow and cleaning the house. I think it will be another early night for me but that depends on how the meds go tonight. It is still a gorgeous day here but I am too tired now to go to the beach with Toby and he has just had a bath a couple of days ago so best to keep him clean for another few days at least - then I can try to brush out some more of his knots before he becomes a sand monster again lol

Did you get around to watching Harrow again? You must be a fair way through the episodes by now.

Re: Am Not Coping

Yep @Zoe7  just watched eps 4 - 6.  I like how it has one mystery that gets solved each ep as well as a continuing story-line and additional mystery that carries from one ep to the next.

Sounds good that you are pacing yourself with the big job and finding time to do things you like, like watching the tennis, along the way.  You work so hard when it's term time I think it's important that you feel like you're getting a holiday.

Re: Am Not Coping

I do love tennis @eth I used to go to the Australian Open every year but stopped doing that some time ago when I got my second cat and now I have Toby as well. I like being at home more too and have things I want to do around the home. That is where most of my spare (when there is any) money goes - on the house. Getting the garage done is one big job I have had to put off until the roof was done and now that is finished getting the wall done and the shelves put up will mean I have more room to sort things out and everything will be accessible rather than stacked in the corner.

I did like the same things as you with Harrow and hope there is a second season. There is not much on tv lately that I am interested in watching - apart from the cricket and tennis. I like NCIS (and the offshoots) but they have been repeats so have already seen them. There are so many repeats on at this time of year so looking forward to new episodes of things coming back soon.

I hope to hear something this week about a possible placement for this year - it is getting really close to the new school year starting and I hope I have a little time to get organised. If I don't hear anything by later in the week then I will call to see where it is all sitting.

Re: Am Not Coping

Hope you get a placement that you're really happy with @Zoe7 and that it's even close to home so you're not spending too long in transit on top of all the planning time.

Re: Am Not Coping

I hope it is closer than my last school - I have asked for that so fingers crossed I do get that @eth I honestly have no preference for schools - just needed a fresh start and anywhere close would be fine with me. I can always put in for a transfer eventually if there is somewhere I find I would like to be but I really don't know much about the schools close to me - have been at the previous school for over 10 years.

Re: Am Not Coping

I think it's great that you have chosen to step away from what sounds like it became a really toxic environment for you @Zoe7.   Stay strong through the adjustment period being somewhere new.  Go gently with yourself whenever you can.

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @eth I know I made the right decision but it will be a big adjustment for me at a new school - new processes, new staff, new kids and new routines to learn. I am trying not to think too much about all that though and remember that I needed to leave because it was a toxic environment for me - and there was nothing at the end of the year that made that any easier so leaving was definitely the right decision. It will be nice to get some of my school stuff out of the house and into the classroom - giving me more room in the house to get on with things I want to do ...but most of that will be left to the next holidays. I have so many books and art supplies here plus resources for every curriculum area - so much that takes up all my spare room and hallway and even some of the bedroom and dining room. It will be nice to have my house back.

Re: Am Not Coping

You sound like a really dedicated teacher @Zoe7.  Lucky kids that have you.

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