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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I'm so scared

**massive line of incoherent swearing**

Now that's out i can talk. 



Tomorrow I take my first steps out of the hospital in nearly 80 days. I'm terrified if seeing my dad's house and seeing what assessments they have to do. The thing is....I can't live out my dad's house. I didn't want to say I was homeless so I said I'll live there. 



My brother lives with my dad and there's history there.....((brother was a sexual abuser of mine.......))


So I'm terrified about tomorrow....I don't know what to do. I'm so scared. 





Also fn court shit. I've been working on my letter for parole board tonight which kind triggered all the memories from my bro. I can't deal with the stress from all this trauma and everything hurts too much to sleep.  


Re: I'm so scared

@greenpea ....this is today, can't deal. I'm so scared.

Re: I'm so scared

@The-red-centaur  You will be okay. Distract yourself as much as possible. Concentrate on your rehabilitation .... your walking and eating etc. I will be here on and off throughout the day. It will be okay not great but okay. Deep breaths hun.xxxx

Re: I'm so scared

@greenpea I'm gonna tell the OT about how home isn't safe and I can't live there.

Yay I'm officially homeless for the third time in my life.

Re: I'm so scared

@The-red-centaur  Hugs and hugs. Let me know what the OT says Surely they can help you with decent, safe housing.

Re: I'm so scared

@greenpea I talked to the OT, this afternoon visit has bee cancelled. She's going to talk to my case manager and a social worker about future housing options .

Re: I'm so scared

Hey there, I read your story. Your life journey is a difficult one.


Ive been kept in hospital for months at a time and it is a s***hole of a place.


I would never willingly choose to live with people like my father who have abused me in the past. Depending on your personal finances, getting reasonable public housing seems to be a pretty neat thing. Let me know if you have problems with this and I will try to provide you with advice to help you.

Re: I'm so scared

Hey @The-red-centaur  i really feel for you so much. I hope you can find somewhere to stay. 
to be honest I couldn't live my brother (he abused me as a child) it's too triggering 

hugs 🤗❤️

Re: I'm so scared

@marc6x public housing has at least a 12 month waiting list. And due my injuries there are many places I will not be able to live. Private housing is also an issue because due to safety reasons I'm planning on moving out of the state in 6 months when i hopefully will be walking again and the average lease is 12 months.

Re: I'm so scared

@The-red-centaur  Hey THe-red-centaur I didnt get your notification sorry. How are you going today? I hope things are being sorted out for you. Let me know how you are doing.Love peaxxx

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