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New Year's Eve




Come and join us all here for a New Year's Eve forum party. We are going to gather on a virtual beach in our pjs and bring in the new year together. Please join us with your favourite music, jokes, images and stories and bring in 2019 with a smile. 

@CheerBear @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @Dec @utopia @Hamsolo01 @TAB @Snowie @Sans911 @outlander @BlueBay @Maggie @Teej @Mazarita @eth @Queenie @greenpea @Kurra @EOR @Starta @Peri @Sherry @PeppiPatty @LadyleahRDBloom @Sam3 @oceangirl @empem1108 @Serenity1 @Hope4me @Artvandalay @Strawsheep @Chase @Jinxed @boot @Former-Member @Former-Member @Appleblossom @Sophia1 @eudemonism @Smc @Darcy @frog @Eden1919 @The-red-centaur  @TheVorticon @Adge and all I have missed...

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Re: New Year's Eve

@Zoe7 Pjs ready. Looking forward to the beach party. Happy New Year's Eve everyone.🍻🍷🌙💤🎶🎶🎶

Re: New Year's Eve

Love the invitation @Zoe7 and the idea to bring in the new year with forum family ❤ Pj party tonight means I don't have to get dressed today yeah? Perfect way to end the year! 😉

I'm going to be spending the evening playing board games with a little crew. (That's the plan anyway. The reality could be that I spend the majority of the night meditating during 'Monopoly turns ugly' 😆)

I might pop by if I can but just in case I don't I hope you all have a great evening with plenty of smiles 🙂❤

Re: New Year's Eve

I have to get dressed today to go out but will be back in my pjs as soon as I get home ready for the festivities tonight @Maggie @CheerBear I have chosen my panda jammies tonight - my elmo ones are too warm for the hotter weather expected here today and tonight lol 

May your 2019 be better than this year with all your dreams coming true my wonderful forum friends 🐼🎉🎈💐

Re: New Year's Eve

I'm dropping off some cupcakes for breakfast for anyone who'd like to start the party this morning. Seems like a pretty great last breakfast of the year to me 😁




Too warm for my unicorn onesie too probably @Zoe7. I might change into these later (love days where 'getting dressed' means getting out of one set of pjs and into another 😉!).


images (69).jpeg

Re: New Year's Eve

Oh @Zoe7

Am pumped for the par-tay!beach party 1.jpg

And YUM @CheerBear, have coffee, will travel...bringing in the new year with a sugar high!

xo Heart







Re: New Year's Eve

@Wanderer @Jacques come and join us today on this thred to help bring in the new year - may it be a better one for all of us 🎉

Re: New Year's Eve

@Bimby2 Come and join us here also - happy new year to you Bimby2 Smiley Very Happy

Re: New Year's Eve

Thanks, @Zoe7

New year, new opportunities, new beginnings.

New world.

Re: New Year's Eve

I agree @Wanderer and I will have a new school as well so lots going on but hoping I deal with it all okay.

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