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Casual Contributor

Very confused and overwhelmed

Hello, I am on the Aged Pension struggling to pay the rent and for other things.I don't have much in savings and terrified of running out of money.


I am doing Cert 3 in Aged Care/Disability 4 days a week ending first week in August. We have to do 120 hours 'placement' meaning volunteer hours to be qualified. Thus I can't really get a job on the days not in training which is Monday and weekends.


I have enquired with a couple of agencies to get work on those days and do the placement later on.

I will not be vaccinated for Covid and one agency requires it. The other can't offer work on those days.

The work I could get is as a Community Support Worker which doesn't require a certificate nor placement hours. It is going to client's homes and taking them out where they want to go and being a companion which appeals to me as I very lonely and feel isolated after moving from the Central Coast NSW to Deception Bay 4508 4 months ago.


The pay isn't as high if not certified. I will ring around to more agencies but that is a daunting task. Could do that today actually.


I suffer with depression.

I didn't go to training today to sort what to do and chill out feeling frustrated with myself.


I am tempted to opt-out of the training and get a Support worker job now as August is too far away to get money in if you get my drift.


I am an impulsive woman driven by lack of money and desperation to earn some. Also needing something constructive to do as I stay at home mostly not having $$ to do anything.


I can't keep my head above water without constant help and I am weary of everything.


Thanks for reading this!


Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Hi @CertifiablySane

I can hear that it's a challenging situation and can empathise with that.

It's so hard to manage finances and look for work at the same time.

I can see that you're really planning and putting in effort to find solutions for this.

Would the support worker role be something you can see yourself doing long-term?


Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Fab question! I hadn't thought about that!
It would be a NO. Long term would be a Veterinarian assistant actually. I bought an online course in Dec 23 but have a block of starting it as the monthly payments are killing me and want to cancel but have to prove I can't do the job (have disabilities). They may approve the refund they said. Also have to do many hours placement. Current course is free.

Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

PS: I am 72 and thinking I need to consider this when required to work hard etc. Any job will be harder now.

Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Does anyone else have this going on? I don't want to do anything. I have homework I just can't do.


I start doing something and then walk off forgetting what I started and not really wanting to complete that small task.


Looks like most care worker etc agencies require Covid vax which I refuse to have so suddenly completing the training to become one doesn't seem important or the way to go.


It's not going to be an instant job upon being certified either. Looked at one agency who want people with 12 month's experience.


In all my life this is the closest I have been to be truly penniless and thus homeless. Something has always cropped up or I found a source of income.


I had a plant business from home earning enough to have a good life but Covid finished that + the place we rented didn't have enough room for plants so I have been living poorly.


I come from Central Coast NSW where we have bulk rubbish collections. I would sort through the piles and make an income from the items + do up my garden with stacks of decorator items, plants and many other gardeny things. That doesn't happen in North Brisbane which I didn't know till I arrived. There isn't enough room in current rental for plants to sell either but thought I could work out something but no. 


I enjoyed finding stuff immensely! Could spend all day going around the streets.


Here I am not so engaged and thus bored.


I am seriously thinking of going back to Central Coast where I had a life on the Pension. My rent is twice what I paid on the Coast.


My tears are just in the background all the time but working on keeping on.





Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Hey there @CertifiablySane ,


Thanks for sharing. I can assure you are not alone. I hear what you mean by not having work and thus struggling with finances. 


Do you think you could go back to starting a small business with plants again? 


Your resilience really shines through @CertifiablySane 

Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Hi @CertifiablySane,

Thank you for sharing, I can sense how stressful your situation must be for you — with a recent move and trying to balance finances and your study…

With only 2 1/2 months to go with your course, how would it feel if you did see it through till the end? And perhaps you could speak to your training provider about whether you could do your placement through a paid job? Or would they be able to let you meet your placement requirements via other means?

I can also see how not being vaccinated would add another layer of stress to your work placement and job search.

I suffer from depression as well, and can understand the many challenges that come with it.

In regard to not having access to council pick-ups anymore, perhaps you could look at your local Facebook buy, swap and sell pages and search for free items?

You seem to have a really good sense of self-awareness and I agree with @tyme, your level of resilience is an invaluable skill to have and is something you should be proud of.

I hope that today is better for you,


Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

Thanks for the compliment! I am resilient.


I do so want to build up the plant business again as it ticked all the boxes for me for a worthwhile all-consuming pursuit solving challenges well. Mine was a niche business but now everyone is selling those unusual plants I had.


I sold them on Marketplace for years and did quite well.


Scoured MP when I got here to see what plants people are buying and at what price etc. They aren't selling well and the sellers constantly reduce them so I surmised people don't have the money for plants. 


My situation is not new to me and have fallen into this slump several times and always managed to get up again. The thought came to me this morning over coffee!


This weekend I am deciding whether to exit the Cert 3 training and just get a job any job ie Woolies, Coles etc to build funds to purchase more plants to cultivate and sell + have a life. I have a car to maintain.


I am just making rent payments and groceries whatever.


I have a fear of running out of money and being evicted from this rental. There isn't anywhere cheaper to rent without living in a slum with several other people and young folk at that. I viewed one of those! It smelt!












Re: Very confused and overwhelmed

It's sort of a good thing that you work to live and not live to work @CertifiablySane . I like how you put it that you are ready just to do any job to pay the rent.


The main thing is you are comfortable with whatever you choose.


What are some other things you are interested in? What about making bonbonnieres for weddings - something in the form of plants? I've received so many plants as bonbonnieres in the past.

Re: Very confused and overwhelmed



Nice to meet you here!


We have a lot in common. I live near Brisbane... I am unvaccinated and also living on aged pension since beginning of this year. I started an online Cert 4 Lifestyle Coordinator last year and then had to cancel after it became clear that i wouldnt be able to find a placement without mandated immunisations. And without placement they wont even allow you to finish the course. It was actually a great relief when i dropped my age sitting in front of computer all day for a year was not going to work.


And I love plants! I get a lot of comfort and healing being in nature, watching the sunrise at the beach where i live, growing veggies and living a healthy lifestyle etc


Have you put yourself on the register for social housing? There is an organisation in West End called Micah that should be able to help you and Vinnies are great for support in housing. I know there is a huge waiting list but i just managed to get long term affordable housing... so it can happen if you start advocating for yourself. I have availed myself of community services to help get through financially eg Salvos, local community centres, Oz Harvest, church groups have food banks and offer food hampers and fresh food. Growing your own veggies either at home or through a local community garden can be a great way to get quality food on your plate.


Wishing you all the best. Being as resilient and resourceful as you are....I am sure things will fall into place for you ,once you get your goal crystal clear in your mind. Hold onto that vision of how you want to live.... and watch it slowly unfold.

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