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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

New Year apprehension

I just had a chat with my mentor about my apprehensions about continuing my career into the New Year as I have the mindset that I won't be able to hold down this job another year. She reminded me that often the first year of any new career is the hardest. That she believes I'll get through it. And we laughed that my old case worker would call my mindset "Fortune Telling". In other words "where's the evidence" for me not getting through the year, especially after learning so much and settling into my role and workplace. It's just the way my mind works ie negatively and rumination.


Just thought I'd share that for anyone worried about the New Year and challenges ahead. have a think about the evidence - is it really that convincing ? Can you see the future ? I can't.


Re: New Year apprehension

@DesertRat  Hi DesertRat (love the name btw) I try not to think about it because when I do I automatically get stressed and anxious ..... so I tend to take every day as it comes and not dwell on even next week afterall we could all be hit by a comet and be completely wiped out so what was the point of all the worrying Smiley Happyxx


Re: New Year apprehension

@DesertRat   I use the CBT questions - What if ... happens?  If it does happen ... what will I do ...?  So what?  - sounds a bit like your 'where's the evidence' process - I find that if I have a plan to deal with what I'm most anxious about my anxiety diminshes and it usually doesn't come to be, and if it does I handle it better.  

Re: New Year apprehension

Thank you @greenpea & @eth .. 


I’m trying to keep your words in mind.


it looks like I may have to stay home for Xmas and not share it with my parents in Kangaroo Island so I’m distracting myself with music atm.. 

Re: New Year apprehension

@DesertRat  Hi DesertRat there are always people around the forum at Christmas so you won't be alone if you want to say

Re: New Year apprehension

Good to know @greenpea , I'll keep that in mind..

Things look like I'll be able to have my holiday now but I'll still drop in here to share some festivity Smiley Happy

Re: New Year apprehension

@DesertRat  it will be great to see you then Smiley Happy

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