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Far and Away

Hi @Former-Member .... 😊

You wrote:

Thanks @Faith-and-Hope, how's your adventure going? Is there a particular thread your putting updates? Jetlag takes about a week to settle I'm told, and I'm sure there's son Celtic wisdom to get over your post viral fatigue How's WH coping with his obcessive routines while travelling? A challenge I would think :/ Hope this is a time yo rekindle some first love maybe.
Any good churches to visit there? Did you go this morning? Love ancient architecture and history. Churches are great for it. Hugz xox


Hadn't thought to start a new thread ....

In transit again today and have to go again now  .... found a brief moment with wifi .... will catch you later and answer the above.

Hi to everyone else .... πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ’—πŸ’•

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Re: Far and Away

Yay! @Faith-and-Hope, is this your travel's thread? Be good to have a place to go to whrn i looking for you, how you are, what ya doing... Catch you later xox

Re: Far and Away

Good to see you. Yep let us know what you are up to Bella.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @faithandhope
Enjoy you're holiday. Sorry I've missed a bit on here lately but where are you ? ❀️❀️

Re: Far and Away


Okay ... here we go .... 😊

How's your adventure going?

So far, so good .... tail end of my cold played up on the flight over, so ended up congested and didn't sleep much ... classic recipe for jet lag ... analgesic fixed that, along with cat-naps ... so on my feet and goin' again.  Not staying more than a few days in one place for the first few weeks, so busy, but fun.  Fielding WH issues here and there, but he has been great.  The issues are affecting him much more than the rest of us.

Is there a particular thread your putting updates?

Is now πŸ˜†

Jetlag takes about a week to settle I'm told, and I'm sure there's some Celtic wisdom to get over your post viral fatigue.

Best answer to jet lag I know .... drink lots of water, and stay with the day you're in, as if the time schedule in your previous destination doesn't exist .... to do with the rising and setting of the sun, I think, and circadian rhythms ....

How's WH coping with his obcessive routines while travelling? A challenge I would think :/

Yep .... πŸ™„ ... but he has done this for a few of our long trips now (it's been around 7 years) so he's worked out how to manage most of the challenges .... just means taking a lot of his own food, medications, equipment, etc along with us, so packing is problematic, along with weight allowances ... but again, he is mostly self-managing it so he's the one with all the headaches.

Got a shock today .... border security didn't recognise him from his passport photo and held up a long queue for 10-15 mins deciding whether it was a false passport or not .... okay he was about half-way thru his weight loss when the photo was taken ... but this lifestyle is aging him in his appearance .... and the c/s has changed the shape of his jawline ... and the thinness and sunken areas in his face have altered his features so much that they couldn't recognise him at all as the same person but thinner.  He ended up having to pull out other photo id, but they still weren't convinced.  

Think it was quite confronting for him, but I'm not gonna raise it .... he can just process that one for a bit.  Hopefully it will help bump him towards the Contemplation stage of change.


Whoa .... D3 just slipped and fell in the shower ... knee sublaxation ... 😣 ... not great, but not a full dislocation ... iced and raised .... see how it is in the morning ...

We were obviously overdue some additional drama ..... πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ž

Hope this is a time yo rekindle some first love maybe.

As long as things are coming together for him okay, he's better when we are travelling .... distracting for all of us, and the problem-solving that happens in the moment brings back that sense of being a bit more of a team.  It's healing, but it doesn't remove or excuse the underlying issues, so it's a bandaid solution .... but any port in a storm is good ....

Any good churches to visit there?

Tonnes of 'em .... soooo much history .... head-spinning if it's your thing ....

Did you go this morning?

Had to be on a plane, so no .... not today .... but saw lots of churches from the outside .... πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ

Love ancient architecture and history.

Me too ❣

Churches are great for it.

Oh yeah .... !

Hugz xox

And to you, and to y'all .... β€οΈπŸ’•

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Faith-and-Hope


It sounds like Far and Away - taking the family and having the new stuff with the ordinary stuff - I have not been overseas yet so jet lag is something I have not yet had to experience


But having your congestion would not help at all - I hope that clears up quickly - ah - we are getting some summer in Melbourne at last - and I think you are in the Northern Hemisphere - looking for a white Christmas?


WH might find that looking much older with all his harsh regime and weightloss - and looking like a different person confronting - that's what might set him wondering about what he is doing to himself - this must be hard - but it's his thing - if you can you will let him figure it out


I hate strange showers - I am sorry D3 had to have a fall and got a knee injury - I hope the ligaments tighten up quickly - I can understand it happening.


When I was in Canberra the shower exploded water all over the bathroom and made such a mess - it attacked me with icy cold water - I have found out that showers in hotels can be ah - um - interesting experiences -


I would rather be at home to shower - but we can adapt - but I hope that doesn't happen again.


Churches and cathedrals - yes - one reason I love Tasmania - but my long range planning includes London and I want to take a train trip up to Durham and York and see the cathedrals there - and also - rather than go to Rome - let's see the Roman ruins in England


But then last night I saw a programme on the restoration work in Pompeii - and nature is attacking the brick work there and I might just have to find a way of getting myself to Pompeii anyway - they keep finding new stuff - and seeing all those tourists - aw - I would not be a tourist - I would be an academic on the hunt


All the best and looking forward to your next wifi message



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Re: Far and Away

Thanks for letting me know about this thread @Faith-and-Hope πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

I look forward to reading your travel updates.

I really hope that you feel better soon and I hope D3's knee heals quick. πŸ˜™
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Re: Far and Away

So good to hear from you @Faith-and-Hope, so good to feel were with you a bit. Not staying more than a few days in one place sounds really challenging - go for it!

Good to hear WH has been 'great' and organising his own 'stuff' I know I shouldn't have laughed but I did re passport photo unrecognisable. Oh dear :/ might sink in for him later (might).

Thanks for the Jetlag tip, must remember it for when a win lotto lol

Hugs for D3 knee, OUCH! Hope walking isn't too much of an issue. Tthese things should happen the last wee, not the first, not fair grr! - lots of swimming for D3 maybe. Have you got 4 baby dragons with you?

I'm a romantic and pray for first loveoments, glad travelling brings some healing, even if its temporary.

Where ate you today? How's the weather?

Hugz xox... ❀️

Hi to you @Appleblossom, @BlueBay, @Former-Member, @Decadian
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Re: Far and Away

Hi @Former-Member  Heart  How are you feeling today?

Re: Far and Away

Morning everyone 😊

Northern UK (won't mention place names) .... temp for today is 5deg .... better than yesterday at 2deg ... but I love being rugged up in cold weather.  Rain due to happen today tho, and that makes sight-seeing trickier, but not impossible ... πŸ‘πŸΌ

Got my walk in yesterday .... yay .... βœ…

In a lovely green park .... βœ…

Wandered around local Christmas markets last night ... βœ…

This place is steeped in history with magnificent cathedrals.  I intend to visit some when and where I can ... gothic masterpieces, for anyone interested in architecture.

❀️ @Former-Member

❀️ @utopia

😊 Hi  @Former-Member @Former-Member @Decadian @BlueBay @Appleblossom @Shimmer

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