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Re: New Age Endeavours

@SmilingGecko @Glisten @Hopefulsoul 


My youtube channel is going well but slowly. So far I have uploaded 5 videos. I haven’t done one this month yet. Thinking of working on one tomorrow to upload Monday morning.



Re: New Age Endeavours

@Oaktree @Glisten @Hopefulsoul @tonys @Krishna @Kyle1 


We are now in what is called a Solar Maximum year where there is a lot of sun activity which has a direct impact on people's wellbeing


This free blog article was written last year on how to navigate 2024-2025 given that this is going to have some very heavy hitting energies bathing the planet. 


You can be aware of what is going on with this phenomenon and how to best manage your situation to be in more control of your life and optimise your life


Solar Maximum energies can be quite powerful and in our day to day this year and into the next we are going to need strategies to stay in proper balance and alignment.


I had to go back and re-read this article and was so glad I revisited it!


There are some great suggestions in this blog article on how to successfully navigate through a Solar Maximum phase.


The energies are more ramped up than usual and people will be feeling it acutely.


You will notice it in other people's behaviours.


Anyway its an excellent read worthy of your investment of time and energy to implement some of these ideas into this year to have a proper handle on your situation.


The blog article is quite extensive in terms of the amount of information which addresses this solar activity and precisely how to best manage your reaction to it and come out on top!


Its going to be a difficult year given this Sun cycle but the lifestyle strategies in this blog contain everything you need to know to stay balanced and harness your full potential.


Anyway I am presenting this blog article for your consideration. I intend to follow more of the advice to stay properly focussed and in my power instead of the opposite 


Solar Maximums have the power to do that.


What is a Solar Maximum? Please go here for more information. This link takes you straight through to the blog:

Re: New Age Endeavours

Thank you @SmilingGecko I hope the Magnus Sol will add some grunt to everyone’s synchronicity 


Re: New Age Endeavours

@Glisten Its funny you should say. We have some big CME's hitting the earths atmosphere tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. The spaceweather company said it may even morph into a cannibal CME so there could be a lot of destabilisation. Whenever this happens people aren't at their best. 


Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 9.09.59 am.png


Re: New Age Endeavours

@Oaktree @Glisten @Hopefulsoul 


How are you going with your Aquarian new moon wishes? I finally am getting somewhere with technology (Aquarius) my Android phone's photo app now works, found a way around One Pass which uses a defunct google account e-mail of mine so went with Smart Switch instead. Its all installed FINALLY can now use it. Having greater confidence in using phone and computer technology. Have put a book on hold from the library on how to optimise my use my Apple MAC Ventura OS 


I have been exploring online safety with different password managers and wiping my data from online data companies that store information about me without my consent. Have protected myself from identity fraud by knowing the 3 credit bureaus in Australia and how to put a freeze on credit reports across all of them. 


Aquarius rules things to do friendliness and socialising so have been putting my feelers out there to meet people.


Aquarius also rules futurism and came across this rare crystal that when you meditate with it consistently it delivers prophetic visions. Its called the Prophecy Stone and is quite rare. Was able to find a crystal store that stocked it. I was going to look into crystal balls to gaze into the future but this stone came up suddenly in my casual online searches. It was obviously meant for me!


Prophecy stone from the Sahara DesertProphecy stone from the Sahara Desert



All in all am making headway with my Aquarius wishes. Got to look into solutions for circulation problems 


My final wish is to scrub google off my Android and install Graphene OS for privacy. Have found a lady who attended a de-google party where everyone swiped Google from their phones. She now has a you tube video which walks you through step by step on how to deactivate google from your Android.


I've just about manifested all my new moon wishes!



Re: New Age Endeavours

That all sounds very positive @SmilingGecko 


I didn’t make any wishes on the last new moon because I missed the window. I will put my crystals out this Saturday under the full moon. The only question is whether or not I will cleanse them first.

Re: New Age Endeavours

Are you back from your respite @Oaktree? I don't always do new moon wishes but they DO enable you to gain traction.


I've been putting crystals under my pyramid lately between full moons, which works as an overnight option. You have to align the pyramid with true north with a compass or the crystals won't charge underneath it.


Anyway I hope you are feeling somewhat rejuvenated from your stay.


Its very hot here. The temperature will start to drop more rapidly in the next few hours going by weather watch on my phone

Re: New Age Endeavours

Hi @SmilingGecko 


I got home from my trip at 2pm this afternoon then immediately got in the car and drove 40mins to my best friend’s house to deliver cheese that I bought at Ducketts Mill in Denmark. Then 40 mins straight home again. Didn’t stay because she had a friend talking to her. 
I had a lovely respite trip. The first two days were hot but the chalet had aircon so that was lovely. Yesterday was beautiful and cool and we went into Albany for the day. Last night over dinner the 7 clients on the trip including myself had a lot of giggles. We all nearly choked on our pizzas. Before the workers dropped off our pizzas we thought it would be funny to make them work for a living. So as they walked through our door we pretended to be having a group breakdown. It was hilarious and most of us broke into the giggles which continued for 90 minutes. One lady was still laughing as she walked back to her chalet. It was hysterical. Anyway it was a lovely trip overall.

Re: New Age Endeavours



Tomorrow on the 24th February 2024 is a full moon. I decided to post this as its as its ideal for doing a full moon fire ceremony


@Oaktree @Glisten @Hopefulsoul @tonys @saturnzoon 


Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.11.28 am.png



On a full moon you can easily partake of a DIY shamanic fire ceremony to powerfully let go of anything that is no longer serving your interests. Fire is the element that offers a complete transformation of energy and enables you to make those alchemical shifts that are needed in your life.


I use a micro fire which I burn in a disposable aluminium oven baking/roasting tray. These are cheap and you can buy at any supermarket. I don't own an outdoor fire pit and this is fine for its overall purpose.  Even Alberto Villoldo the shaman that teaches this fire ceremony used to use a micro fire himself to begin with.


I use Palo Santo wood from a New Age shop to burn with but I think you can buy kindling from any petrol station. You can also use twigs and sticks around your property. You will also need olive oil, sage or tobacco to stoke the fire.


Its very easy to do you just bring to mind all those things under the light of the full moon that you wish to release with the agency of its transformative energy by making an offering. The fire will do the rest. It involves saying a short mantra to invoke the elemental energies and giving it all to the fire.


I have been fascinated by Alberto Villodo's work. He used to be a trained psychologist and was able to make quantum shifts after he moved into anthropological studies and becoming a shaman. The stuff he saw clinically in his previous practice unfortunately wouldn't make the desired outcomes for his clients. Shamanic practices on the other hand facilitated profound and rapid changes.


This is just a short and easy to do practice that will facilitate change in your life. I am putting up a link on how to do it. I hope you will consider the value of utilising fire in your life to dissolve outmoded patterns or anything in your sense of self that needs to be addressed and to be let go of.


Fire ceremony can do that for you. You can be your own medicine man


Here is the link from The Four Winds blog on how to do full moon fire ceremony:



Re: New Age Endeavours

That’s a very interesting practice @SmilingGecko 

I might look into that.

Tomorrow is the 24th

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