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  • Author : emg_1
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  • Topic : Something’s not right

Hi everyone,


I am after a bit of help.   I have BPD, PTSD and anxiety and I currently am getting the help I need, have finally gotten a job I love and that is really helpful and I am in my last year of study.  Everything seems to be going on track for me at the moment.


I am however having some issues with my partner.  I do love him but as I am growing and exploring myself and what I want I feel like he does not want the same things as me any more.  I have asked him so manytimes if we can get married (we are engaged), have a baby and travel.  He hasnt filled for divorce yet, he never wants to talk about weddings or travel, he has had a vascetomy and he has not even looked at the info that I have gotten about getting a reversal and on top of everything he hasnt gotten rid of the the order in place against me from when I had a complete melt down 18 months ago.  I have been well for quite some time and I feel like my clock is runnng out for a lot of these things.  Even when I mentioned that I might go to overseas with my aunty for a week he got really weird about it and she is a wonderful human and support for me, he "wouldn't let me go" because it is not him.  


I guess I do love him so so much but there is more to life that I want and I don't know if he can give it to me so I am really lost. 


It is like he jsut isnt interested.  He is a lot older than me and maybe that is why? 


I am at the point where I was looking at jobs overseas and thinking about the possibilities of leaving to go next year.


I just feel very lost and stuck!  Sorry to bore you! 

Any opinions are welcome. 



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