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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Sounds like your tree is going in to a "happy place" @Darcy. Smiley Happy

The only thing I got done in the garden today was watering, but while doing so I noticed that my Globe Artichoke has a lovely giant thistle flower on it. Which means it's past eating stage, but it got to that point while I wasn't well enough to do anything with it, and the big fluffy purple head is pretty. It's in its first year of growth, so next year there should be more than one flower!
Arranged with a friend today to get a couple more hens. She's breeding for a particular colour, so she keeps the best out of each clutch, and sells on the others. They'll be not quite point-of-lay, so that will give them time to settle in with our current chook before they get down to business.

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