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Something’s not right

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Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @Zoe7

Sooo glad to hear from you in person .....

We understand what you are going through and are here for you ....

I know you said you didn't want replies .... and you can choose not to read any .... but we have come to know and love you, and can understand the sense of overwhelm you are struggling with.

Hugs n hugs Hon .....

Even if you do take a break, please stay with the forum.


Re: Am Not Coping

Just so good to see your profile pic


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Re: Am Not Coping

@Zoe7 wrote:

I am really not coping at the moment but this is entirely on ME!

This is a message for a few people on here @utopia @Former-Member @Faith-and-Hope @Former-Member

I have not been able to communicate with anyone since the other night as I have been recovering from what ended up being an unsuccessful attempt to end the pain.

 It's now just another failure to add to my list of failures. I really don't know what else to say to you both but to reiterate my heartfelt 'sorry'. 


Hi @Zoe7 - I know you asked for no responses but I just needed to say this. What you wrote you attempted was what I feared had happened. I feel uncomfortable about how this was handled by Sane now. Damn the legals when it comes to saving a life as this overrides it, overrides all- a welfare check should of been sought in this situation where a life was at obvious risk.

 There seems to be much campaigning and concern with the stigma of MI because it could heighten the risk of suicide - but when there is an obvious endangerment of such we can't act in the fear it may break privacy laws? If a neighbours house is on fire do we not try and break in and rescue because of invading and breaking privacy laws? Same rule applies. Leaves me with a chill.  Not right.

Ahhh Zoe 😢. And your explaination changes everything and meant so much to me that words could not express. Thank you. So good just to hear from you.

We are okay. I won't say anymore to respect your wishes except to say "reach out to someone and seek help where you do feel comfortable". You matter to so many of us and this is now of the upmost importance and urgency.  If that is reaching out here that would be great. Don't feel uncomfortable as you are welcomed with open arms, understanding and love. If not please seek it somewhere that you do feel comfortable asap. 

You are not a failure but a person in pain and so many of us can so relate. My heart bleeds for you. Sending lots of love always 💕

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Re: Am Not Coping

Oh @Zoe7 😢,
I'm deeply sorry you went through all that alone. I know it will take you a long time to process all of what has happened. Please don't let what happened on the forum make you feel like you need to lose the support you have here. Take your time. There will always be support here for you. I hope your beautiful psychologist and GP are right by your side again supporting you the best way possible.
Please please take good care of you in what ever way works best for you. Sending loads of healing hugs 💜🤗💐

Re: Am Not Coping

@Former-Member Please do not place any blame on anyone but me. Nothing or no-one would have stopped me at the time. The fact that I failed means I now have to try and deal with the fallout - and that is totally on ME and NO-ONE else. The only place you need to direct your anger towards is me for putting you all through this. Please do not blame anyone else.

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Re: Am Not Coping

@Zoe7I know what it's like to be where you are now. I've been there too. You can make it past this. This is a really messy time trying to make sense of it all and you will be flipping with everything. You're emotions will be out of control. Please take some of this off you for now as hard as that may seem. Try not to add all this to your load right now. Are you in hospital?

Re: Am Not Coping

No @Former-Member I'm home. I can't forgive myself for what I put everyone through. I really did not want to worry anyone - I wanted the exact opposite - but I failed at that too. I'm really not sure how I will ever get past that. There is nothing I can do or say that will change what I put everyone through.

Re: Am Not Coping

@Zoe7 I've been thinking and praying for you after I read your post the other day. Sorry that you were suffering so much pain alone. Pls take care. Don't be too hard on yourself. You will be okay.
Love BlueBay ❤️❤️
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Re: Am Not Coping

No there isn't @Zoe7 because you don't need to. You just need to work on getting better and past this. This is what my therapist tells me. For her, no apology from me after my SH or attempts makes a real difference, just working out how to move past it is. She says the only thing she wants from me is to get back up again. I can't talk for everyone else but this is what I feel for you. You have apologised and feel terrible about it but now you can put the forum part behind you and find the support that will bring you back to where we saw you a month ago. You can do it but you need help to do it which is ok. We are here and I hope your psychologist and GP are too. I've had to look at my kids in the eye after and I can't because of the shame, so I hide until I can face it all again. It passes @Zoe7 and no one holds it against you. I'm sure your supports here won't. I definitely don't. I just want the very best for you.

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