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Something’s not right


Re: Am Not Coping

Afternoon @Zoe7 @Shaz51 @Sam3 @TAB @eth

Hope you are well today

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @Zoe7.

Are you ok today @Shaz51 @Former-Member

I think I’ll apply for job supporting volunteers rather than job training job-seekers but a bit concerned they won’t fit professional registration requirements  anyway. Probably should check that out first. Really really wish I wasn’t being made redundant & could turn back time. Actually maybe I wish I could forward time as I’m doing a pretty rubbish job on the “being a capable efficient human being” front. BTW 12yo is doing washing for pocket money! Turning on the computer now....

Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @Hamsolo01 very hot here, 45 and chucked a sickie, well its too hot to be at home doing nothing let alone in hotter work environment lol how are you going?

Re: Am Not Coping

that's fair enough lol @TAB

Going okay here. Just about to head out to meet up for coffee with a friend I haven't seen in a while.

Just watching a podcast on political antics of universities as well. Glad I am out of there now.

Re: Am Not Coping

Sounds good @Hamsolo01 and well never say never re uni, who knows

Re: Am Not Coping

It's basically new religion there now. It's happening all. Over the world too. @TAB

Re: Am Not Coping

yes its a world apart @Hamsolo01 i remember replying to a begging for money letter from uni, ranting about how it never really helped me in a practical sense. I was shocked to get a reply, and that led to a few back and forth emails, with Dr Someone, who started on a similar path to me re uni, albeit a few critical years earlier, and had gone straight from student to academia, well good on him, I vaguely entertained that idea back then. It wasnt to be. 

Re: Am Not Coping

@Hamsolo01 @TAB I worked in academia for 2 different units for 9 years & it’s lots of egos & lots of unpaid overtime, but did enjoy it despite double-edged sword of it contributing to my first ever mental health diagnosis. Have friends still in the industry (& a son at uni), so can you send link/summary of podcast. Is it basically the commercialisation of tertiary education (& international students as cash cows?!)? 

Think desirable but low paid job fits registration standards so should keep working on absurdly excessive position description. @Zoe7 hope all the stars are ‘aligning’ for you (sorry can’t resist a pun) so everything’s seamless (apologies again). Please remind me to do a small to do list the night before if I’m sounding pathetic- worked like a treat today when normally I find lists overwhelming. 

Re: Am Not Coping

haha very funny @Sam3 Smiley LOL

Yes the stars are aligning and everything so far has been seamless - very hot out there though so have packed it in for today. I have the main beams all up and just need to measure, cut and screw 6 supports tomorrow. I need to move some more stuff to get to my saw so will do that later so it is all ready to do the cutting tomorrow. Toby has of course been supervising so should be asleep on the couch soon. I am going to have a rest myself and rehydrate.

I do find lists are great for getting things done so pleased that you have used one today. I like to be able to cross things off - it gives me a sense of achievement - sometimes it is those small things that help us get through a day. I'll add to my list to remind Sam3 each night to write her own list lol

Re: Am Not Coping

I think I would like a job in archives or a library @Sam3 well its an old idea for me, and they have aircon there lol .. probably could live on that money now that I dont smoke tho lol

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