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Senior Contributor

be careful phones and GPS - found this link :)


Re: be careful phones and GPS - found this link :)

Hey @jamesle2015 🖐

Thanks for that! I've passed this thread many times and today thought I'd give it a look-see. What a little gem 👍


Hope Heart

Re: be careful phones and GPS - found this link :)

Glad you liked it Smiley Happy

The best way is not to leave your phone in the car


btw I work in retail....I wonder how many people in saneforums work in retail

it would be interesting to find out - surely i'm not one of the only ones Smiley Happy


I wonder why some customers always want to comment on how 'quiet' it is in the shop

..gets retail we cannot control how 'quiet' or how 'busy'


Of  course it is better for the worker if it's not too busy but too quiet is also not good

We need some customers otherwise the shift 'feels' longer ...



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