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Happy new year!

Hope everyone had a nice break over the festive season and is looking forward to fun times in 2019! Best, Fee1

Re: Happy new year!

Re: Happy new year!

Album: Remember Yesterday (P)(C) Casablanca Records (1977) USA Mezcla De Video Original Por: Sergio Productions, Cali Colombia. "I Feel Love" (español: Siento el amor) es una canción de Donna Summer, tomada de su álbum conceptual de 1977 I Remember Yesterday. La grabación de fondo totalmente ...

Re: Happy new year!

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ! I am back :D More videos to come so watch this space :)

Re: Happy new year!

Order Tina Live (CD + DVD) by clicking this link

Re: Happy new year!

Some good music selections there to get the ball rolling @greenpea 

Incidentally, I never got your tag here. Yes, I am there, you didnt miss me. 😀 Its likely others never got your tag either. I only came across it by accident.


What will you be doing as the new year dawns? A new decade in fact.

Re: Happy new year!

@Sherry  Idk why sometimes it works re tagging and other times it doesnt. I copied the tags so that could be why. Oh well .... on New Years day I will have my son2 which is always challenging but will probably celebrate with thai food or dominoes Smiley Happy.


Have you got anything big planned?

Re: Happy new year!

Yeah I dont know why the tags dont always work either @greenpea .  I know it happens sometimes to me too, and it is possible its something to do with copying and pasting?  


No I dont have anything planned for NYE.  Thai food or Dominoes ... yumm to both.  

Today hubby and I, plus our neighbours who we had Christmas lunch with, are going to a pub for lunch. Our shout.  Its about a 30 minute drive to get there.  But its a nice hotel, overlooking the ocean.  It should be nice.  I'm driving though, so wont be enjoying a drink. 


But NYE, I prefer to stay at home ... too noisy and busy out anywhere else.



Re: Happy new year!

The tag worked for me @greenpea @Sherry but that could have been because you tagged me separately GP. More often than not the copy and paste tags do not work. I always do the group tagging individually for that reason. More than happy to do that for everyone on New Year's Eve - 'cos we need to have a forum party and I could not think of a group of people I would rather spend that evening with but you guys Heart


We have had some great parties over the years and I anticipate this will be a big one also - if I have anything to do with it then it certainly will be 👍👍👍👍👍


A PJ beach party again I think - nothing better than kicking back in our jammies on a beautiful beach with dear friends ...will do images for it over the next couple of days. We will of course need the forum helicopter to transport people around and plenty of indulgent food to share. Toby can provide security again (see below lol) as well as cuddles 🐶 ...and all dogs, cats, bunnies as well as other pets are not only welcomed but encouraged to attend - nothing like having our companions as well as our friends around to make it a great night.


Toby Security.png

Re: Happy new year!

Heyyyy my super sister @greenpea 

I am here too xxx  

We will be home on new year's eve so it will be a quiet night in for us 

Hello @Sherry , @Zoe7 , @eudemonism , @Fee1 

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