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Senior Contributor

Workplace sexual harassment

Hi everyone 

I work in a Small shop. 
I found out tiday thst the locum pharmacist we have had made physical contact with my friend.
he is older than us prob in his 60's. He loves to make sexual comments and jokes. 
I don't like him. I just have this horrible feeling.  
I'm working with him alone Monday from 4pm to close 5.30om. And alone in the morning for 1/2 hour. 
I was shocked when my friend told me. 
if he does something to me I will freak. I'm already anxious. My friend was too scared to come to wirk tiday. But she did and tried very hard to keep away frim him. 
he's too much in your face. When he speaks to me he's very close. 
Im very anxious. Feel sick just thinking of this creep. We're having him fir 3 more weeks. 
what should we do?

@Moderator @Dec @Maggie @eth @Shaz51 @Gazza75 @Hamsolo01 

abd others reading 





Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Get the police involved @BlueBay


From the sound of it if others have had the experiences then it's worth the effort of investigating.

You shouldnt experience that in the workplace. That's why laws exist against it.

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

I'm scared @Hamsolo01 

 And not sure my friend will do that. 

If he tries anything in me I'll will take leave snd stsy awsy frim wirk. I couldn't go bsvk. 
I think he's sussing me out. He's made one weird comment to me this afternoon. 

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Then that's why you need to take it to the right people. @BlueBay

It's normal to be scared.

Have you spoken to your husband about it?

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Yeah I told hubby but he didn't say much. He agreed it was very wrong. 
I told hubby if he does anything to me I will go out in sick leave snd teport it but I couldn't go bs k to wirk while he's there. 
Will see what happens on Monday. 

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

i would be speaking up my sister @BlueBay 

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Make sure you have your mobile with you @BlueBay . Is there anyone who could be close by when you are working? He does need reporting, but I know how hard that would be. Maybe worth talking to your psych about it, and GP. Take care. 💚💚💚

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Hi @BlueBay 


This is wrong  - you have the right to feel safe at work so there arre a couple of things you can do but it's not easy and hard to prove because of the "she says  - he says" thing 


You can go to the police and report this to your employers  - also keep your phone handy and ring 000 at the first sign of trouble   - and you csn walk out of the shop and go into another one immediately too 


You are not alone  - some men do this  - I had this happen to me at church a long time ago 


 But you need to protect yourself and so does your friend 



Re: Workplace sexual harassment

Thanks @Dec @Maggie @Shaz51 @Hamsolo01

for your support. I'm very anxious about Monday. If he tries anything Monday I don't really know how I'll react. I can't really say. I will go straight to my doctor who's around the corner. I need to stay alert. I'm so worried. 
I think my friend should document it as to what happened to her. 
there are so many places at wirk he could "get to me" 

I have to wait and see.  But I think my friend should report what happened to her. 

Re: Workplace sexual harassment

@BlueBay  Do you ‘have’ to go to work on Monday? Could you tell someone ‘why ‘you ‘cant’ go to work?

I agree with you, your friend should report it, but facts are needed, proof....unfortunately.

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