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Re: Old Habits

Thank you for taking the time to reply @Appleblossom . I don’t really feel comfortable tagging people as I don’t want to bother or waste time. I really just wanted a place I can let things out because I don’t want to have the explosion of bottling things up like I did for the first 39 years of my pathetic, lonely, disappointment of a life.

Re: Old Habits

Vacation from work helps restore energies for the job. Vacation also shouts just how good my isolation skills have developed.- if the phone rings it will be my parents or my sister and those calls last no longer that 10 minutes maximum. I go through self service checkouts to avoid people. I wish I could time travel back to the exact moment my life flipped into sadness, mistrust and loneliness so I could just be there for that little girl ... -


Re: Old Habits

Have suddenly fallen into a bucket of tears. Was ok this morning and fir the last little while but now I just can't seem to stop crying. Everything sets me cat looking at me, reading twitter etc I'm hoping it is just a delayed reaction to the fall I had at work on Thursday and my body healing from the injuries. But life is very teary and sucky at the moment

Re: Old Habits

Tears still falling and I really don't know why it has happened today...but I even found myself overcompensating when talking to my parents on the phone so they had no idea what had been going on with me today. My mood journal is really the on,y place other than occasionally on here I let my true feelings out. 

Re: Old Habits

Tears again this afternoon. I am more convinced it is related to my work fall. My right knee is pretty colours and a new bruise revealed under inside right ankle. My leg from knee to toes is now swollen and I can barely bend it. I don’t have a good feeling about what the Dr will suggest tomorrow.

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