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Looking for work. A complex mental illness story.

I'll do my best to keep this as concise as possible.


I woke up at 3am this morning. It was pitch black. My first instinct was to refamiliarise myself with my new surroundings. Week four. Dad's place.  


I opened the door to my bedroom half caring about making a noise half hoping my Dad would hear me and let me know it's normal to awake at this hour. A symptom of my condition? I think not.


I make my way across the cold, palid tiles to the fridge and gulp down a few mouthfuls of A2. Feeling better. Then it passes. I'm blind, confused and alone.


I hear Dad's footsteps and quickly make a break for the safety of my room again. Our paths intersect. Damnit! 


To be continued...




Re: Looking for work. A complex mental illness story.

"Your claim has been assessed.


To see the outcome, please sign in to myGov to access your Centrelink online account or use your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.


A letter has been sent to you with more information."




"Your claim has been rejected."


Embarrassment. Loathing. Guilt.


Now the hunt for a job is on... I'm on my own.


Will I repeat the same mistakes? Or is it time to forge a new path right now.


What's so complicated about securing a job? Building trust with my prospective employer. Building trust with myself.


To be continued...

Re: Looking for work. A complex mental illness story.

Hi @Drewbert  and welcome to the forums.  Sorry no-one replied sooner.  Good on you for sharing here.  Hopefully you are finding your way around the forums a bit by now.  You can use the search bar to look for any particular topic you are interested in from diagnoses to self-care activities to social threads.  Also if you want to talk to a particular person you can use the @ button and type their name and you will get a drop down box where you can click on that name - as I have done with your name above.  If you keep sharing what's going on for you, you should find people with common ground before long.

Take care.

@TAB @Hamsolo01  you might like to join in the discussion about looking for work.

Re: Looking for work. A complex mental illness story.

well my claim is into 3rd month and not approved inbetween employer holding back paperwork for 3 weeks then centrlink going over things again and again with microscope, telling me wrong things all the way, now they trying to follow up my saying employer filled out form incorrectly, well to stuff me up.. for 8 weeks now.. haha everything I've seen says there should have been no waiting period as was re registering after just getting cutoff ha @Drewbert 

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