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Looking after ourselves


Re: Focussing on the positives-

Just for some context, this is Martin Ashton before his accident.  This story is one that I came across some time ago and was an inspiration to me at the time. 


Martin Ashton Road Bike Party


Re: Focussing on the positives-

This is Martin Ashton telling his story in a Ted Talk


Martin Ashton- Ted Talk- In disaster there is opportunity

Re: Focussing on the positives-

My positive for today,

After lots of nagging I finally managed to fix S1s bike tyre and the boys and I went out riding.

(Bub sits on a seat in front of me, similar to pic below). Even though it was only around the culdesac the boys enjoyed it a lot.  I do need to get a new helmet for bub though. He has grown a lot since we last went riding and his helmet no longer fits.  We have a couple off longish rides planned for when children start holidays. Short drive away there is a nice beach ride that the boys enjoy so it will be a day trip for us all. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Been a while since I visited this thread but seems like a good time to focus on the positives at the moment rather than get weighed down by everything going wrong. 


Positive for today went for a family walk. Despite little people being initially uncooperative we all ended up enjoying ourselves. Saw a family of these little guys at the local park. 







Re: Focussing on the positives-

I was surprised at a student lunch today at uni with a couple of recognition awards.

That was unexpected...




Was also touched by the comments of the person presenting the awards.

Have been feeling a little down so this has given me a small boost in confidence. 


Re: Focussing on the positives-

images (52).jpeg



Re: Focussing on the positives-

Thinking I need to revisit this thread again as some dark clouds roll in for our family.


Re: Focussing on the positives-

For context and for those not following my story my mum inlaw is terminally I'll and... 


I will start off with saying how grateful I am for the relationship I have with my mum and Dad inlaw. Even before darling and I were romantically attached they invited my sister and I into their family when were living far away from home for university. Since we have been married mum inlaw especially has been a huge support and rock for me through many ups and downs. I am also grateful for our new living arrangements that will enable us to better support dadinlaw. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something positive for this week...

I already mentioned this in another thread but thought it is a positive so belongs here also. 

My mum and I are planing an extended ride on our bikes later this week. I have a proposed route mapped out already and starting to get a bit excited. Seems mum is also ☺

Just hangimg out at the moment for some helmet intercoms to arrive in the  mail so I can fit them up. It makes the riding so much more enjoyable when we can communicate. We did a trial run with phones and basic wired hands free and it worked great till the signal dropped out. The  dedicated helmet system should work so much better. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Positive for today...

My helmet com unit came a day early in the mail. Mine fitted up and charging. Mum dropping by tomorrow so I can fit up hers 😁


Should have had it this morning but fil collected the mail and took it with him to visit mil out if town. He forgot about it until later tonight lol. 

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