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Flu. Can it make you go crazy?

Hi people.  Just seeing if this has happened to anyone else.   Last couple of days i have been a bit listless and today i woke up and knew i have the flu. The whole day i have been totally manic. I can't seem to sit still. I have so much weird energy that i feel shaky and have that awful butterflies in the stomach weird euphoria feeling. Does anyone else get like this if they have the flu?


Re: Flu. Can it make you go crazy?

Hey there @Calmblueocean, this is very interesting. How are you feeling now? I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Did it level out at all?

Re: Flu. Can it make you go crazy?

Only occurred for exactly one day. The next day i was fine. Very weird. I am going to mention it to my GP. All is well that ends well.

Re: Flu. Can it make you go crazy?

Hi. I am pleased you posted this as I get the same with a cold or flu. My mood lifts and I am very energetic and motivated on the first few days of a virus. It unfortunately passes quickly and then I have double the recovery from the excess movement and activity. I have mentioned this to doctors before who did not think it was in anyway related to mental health but I strongly disagree - in my observations mental and physical health is strongly related. When I am physically off, I am mentally stronger.

I have not had a cold or flu virus in over 2 years now as I am so isolated and do not interact with humans much these days. You are not alone in this experience.

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