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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Diary of wifes hospital stay - holding it together for our family

Started a new thread here @soul rather than fill up the hot choc thread.

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Morning @soul

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good morning @Determined, how are things going at your end?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Ok @soul

A little sad and lonley at the moment.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

How come? Missing your Darling?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Are you allowed to visit her? Not sure how these things work. How are the kids holding up? I know there was a problem with your son at school the other day. And uni?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Dont want to complain, just craving some 'normal' adult conversation whatever that is. Need to keep 3 little people busy today (student free day at school) and it is looking like rain. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I know you're doing it tough at the moment so if you need to vent, that's okay. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it can make things worse as they can make you dwell on your problems.

As for the kids at home, is that a good distraction or are they preventing you from doing things you need to get done? Are there relatives who can help out?

it's raining here too so it's stopped me from doing my morning walk with my dog. Put a dampener on my day (get the pun?)

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes @soul, missing my darling. She is really home this time also.  Really worried about how the coming weeks will go for us all. 

Son is ok as he can be at the moment. Smoothed things out at school yesterday, meeting with the principle and chappy on Monday to work out a plan to ensure it dosent hqppen again. Just really hurt and disappointed that it got out of hand the way it did and the teacher responsible was someone who I thought we could trust to look out for him. Had his usual teacher been there it would never have happened. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I can tell that you really love your family and that's why you are feeling this way. Your situation has now impacted on your son in a more serious fashion. Keep communication with the school and let them know if there are circumstances which may affect your boy. Can you email the teacher? If they have the heads up, they may be able to be on the look out for certain behaviours and deal with them appropriately. 

The next few weeks will be trying times for you. It's hard to know whether we are doing the right thing. Try to take a little step back at times, breathe and analyse what is going on before acting or reacting. And very importantly, take care of yourself. It's likely that you are suffering from depression over your current situation, so do something that brings you some joy.

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